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Shijiazhuang DADAO Packaging Material CO Ltd is located in High Technology Industrial Development Zones of Shijiazhuang City HeBei Province and establised in 2004 It is just 30kilometers from airport and two hours far away from Bejing have convenient communications It has more than 100 workers and many imported high technical production equipment which include Germany LEYBOLD vacuum metalizing equipment 2100mm American suspension Metalizing machine 2300mm 5 sets three layers film blowing machine the digital film cutting processing line manufactured by Germany company KAMPF high speed coating processing line and other related facilities Our main products including PET film metallized film...

Categories and Products

PP Synthetic Paper

BOPP Lamination Film

Flexible Packaging Film

Hologram Projection Film

Coated PET Film

Color PET Film

Universal Metallized Film

New Type Metallized Film

High Barrier Metallized Film

PI Film


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Metalized PET FilmTransparent Polypropylene Plastic FilmPet Film for Textile Transfer PrintingPet Silicone Coated Film Heat TransferSolar Mirror Metallized Polyester FilmAluminum Foil Emergency Rescue BlanketBlack Carbon Fiber Water Transfer FilmStainless Steel Sticker Appliance FilmGold Metalized Thermal Lamination FilmPp Synthetic Paper for Inkjet Printingholographic projection screen materialClear Silicone Coated PET Release FilmMylar Thermal Rescue Emergency BlanketUltra Thin Coating Metallized PET FilmInkjet PP Synthetic Paper for PrintingAnti-Fog Film for Packing Fresh FruitsPP Polypropylene Synthetic Paper PaperHeat Sealable Metalized Polyester FilmHeat Transfer PET Silicone Coated FilmMilky White Polyester Film For StencilDouble Sided Metallized Polyester FilmDouble Sided Reflective Polyester FilmSilicone Coated PET Release Liner FilmPrinting Polypropylene Synthetic PaperSynthetic Paper for Self Adhesive LabelSilicone Treated Polyester Release FilmColorful Metallized PET 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blanketMirrorlite Shatterproof Glassless MirrorsTearing Off Resistance PP Synthetic PaperEco Solvent Waterproof PP Synthetic Paper12mic Golden Aluminum Metallized PET FilmSelf Adhesive Glass Advertising Rear FilmTearing off Resistance PP Synthetic PaperAluminium Foil Emergency Thermal BlanketsPET Mylar Thermal Rescue Emergency Blanket3D Holographic Rear Projection Screen FilmHigh Temperature Resistance Polyimide FilmPP Synthetic Paper for Self Adhesive LabelHeat Sealable Metallized Bopp Film for BagBubble Wrap Laminating Material VMPET FilmTransparent Encapsulating PVDF Front SheetLaser Positive Film/Sliver Based Laser FilmTwo-sided Emergency Mylar Survival BlanketsMetallized Polyethylene Film For LaminationMatte Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene FilmWaterproof Matte Backlit PP Synthetic PaperMetallized Brused PET Film For RefrigeratorEco-solvent Glossy Coated PP Synthetic PaperWholesale Clear Plastic Transparent PET FilmAnti-static PET Silicone Coated Release FIlm0.3mm Electrical Insulation Milky White FilmTransparent Holographic Rear Projection FilmTransparent Packaging Film Usage and MoistureAluminum Thermal Mylar Blanket Emergency FoilTransparent Holographic Projection Stage Film75mic Silicone Treated Polyester Release FilmSelf-adhesive Projection Film for Window/GlassMetallized Polyester Laminated To Paper BoardsCustom Design Plastic Metallized Polyester FilmPolyester/Mylar/PET Silicone Coated Release FilmTransparent Adhesive Rear Projection Screen FilmTransparent Holographic Foil for Stage ProjectionFirst-Aid Devices Type Emergency Survival BlanketHigh Clearly 3d Holographic 45degree Hologram Film
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