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  • Shijiazhuang dadao Packaging materials Co

  •  [Hebei,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Worldwide
  • Exporter:51% - 60%
  • Certs:CE, MSDS, RoHS
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Shijiazhuang dadao Packaging materials Co

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About Us

Shijiazhuang DADAO Packaging Material CO Ltd is located in High Technology Industrial Development Zones of Shijiazhuang City HeBei Province and establised in 2004 It is just 30kilometers from airport and two hours far away from Bejing have convenient communications It has more than 100 workers and many imported high technical production equipment which include Germany LEYBOLD vacuum metalizing equipment 2100mm American suspension Metalizing machine 2300mm 5 sets three layers film blowing machine the digital film cutting processing line manufactured by Germany company KAMPF high speed coating processing line and other related facilities Our main products including PET film metallized film...

Categories and Products

PP Synthetic Paper

Laser Printing PP Synthetic Paper

laser printing PP synthetic paper laser printing polypropylene synthetic paper laser printing synthetic paper for advertising Good Shelter PP Synthetic Paper for Laser Printing laser printing synthetic paper for advertisement 

Eco Solvent PP Synthetic Paper

eco solvent PP synthetic paper water based inkjet coated pp paper Water-based Waterproof matte Backlit PP synthetic Paper Eco- solvent waterproof PP Synthetic Paper Eco-solvent Glossy Coated PP Synthetic Paper 

Color PP Synthetic Paper

color PP synthetic paper Colored matt pp synthetic paper colorful PP Synthetic Paper film Color Waterproof PP Synthetic Paper color PP synthetic paper for ink printing 

Label PP Synthetic Paper

Label PP synthetic paper PP Synthetic paper for self adhesive label Matt or Glossy PP Synthetic Paper Waterproof PP Synthetic Paper for Inkjet Printing Good Shelter PP Synthetic Paper for label Printing white semi glossy PP synthetic paper Tearing off resistance PP synthetic paper synthetic paper for plastic bottle label pp synthetic paper for banner stands Non Tearable PP Synthetic Paper Eco solvent matte PP Synthetic Paper Digital Printing PP synthetic paper for advertising Self Adhesive PP Synthetic glossy Paper pp synthetic paper for inkjet printing 

BOPP Lamination Film

Glue Based Soft Touch Film

Glue based soft touch film EVA based soft touch film Soft touch lamination film Glue based soft touch bopp film Glue based soft touch BOPP lamination film Soft touch BOPP thermal laminating film 

Thermal Anti Scratch Matte Film

Thermal anti scratch matt BOPP film Scuff Resistant Matte Thermal BOPP Film Anti scratch Scruff Resistant Thermal Lamination film Anti scratch thermal glossy matte bopp films Anti scratch matt EVA coated film 

BOPP Thermal Film

Lamination film for cardboard EVA coated BOPP film for thermal lamination Glossy matt BOPP thermal lamination film 

Thermal Soft Touch Film

thermal soft touch film thermal lamination bopp soft touch films Matt Soft Touch Thermal Lamination Film Velvet thermal lamination film soft touch thermal bopp book cover film 

Flexible Packaging Film

Glossy BOPP Film

OPP plastic packaging film Glossy polypropylene plastic film 10 micron OPP printing film 28 micron BOPP lamination film 

Matt BOPP Film

Matte OPP plastic film Matte OPP white film matt bopp film for bread packaging film Matte film for food packaging matt OPP film for printing matte biaxially oriented polypropylene film 

Heat Sealable BOPP Film

Heat sealable BOPP film heat sealable film for packaging heat sealable polypropylene film for bag glossy heat sealing OPP film Transparent heat sealing polypropylene film 

Anti Fog BOPP Film

Anti fog BOPP film Anti static OPP packaging film High transparent antifog film Antifog vegetable packaging film Anti fog flower packaging film BOPP Anti-Fog Film for Packaging BOPP Anti fog film for Fresh vegetables 20micron Anti-fog Bopp Film For Salad Ventilate Breathe Freely BOPP Anti Fog Film Bopp Anti Fog Food Wrap 30mic BOPP Anti-Fog film for packing fresh fruits 

BOPP Cigarette Film

BOPP cigarette film for box Both side heat sealable cigarette film Cigarette low shrinkage film 19micron BOPP shrink film for medical BOPP shrink film for poker box 

BOPP Pearlized Film

BOPP pearlized packaging film OPP pearlized chopsticks packaging film Pearlized film for mask high smooth PP pearlized film Pearlised BOPP film for packaging BOPP Pearlized Film For Photograph Glossy/matte Printable BOPP Pearlized Scrap Film 

BOPP Label Film

BOPP plastic label film pearl BOPP film for soap packaging Crystal transparent bopp film High transparent BOPP glass bottle label film High transparency OPP water bottle label film 

Coated BOPP Film

PVDC coated BOPP film high barrier PVDC coated BOPP film one side PVDC coated BOPP film for packaging heat sealable pvdc coated bopp film High barrier coated polypropylene film 

Shrink Film

50u PET heat shrink film for bottles Transparent Polyethylene Heat Shrink Film fire resitance white PE shrink wrap for construction UV reistance blue shrink wrap rolls PVC Shrink Film For Plastic Bottle PE Shrink Transparent Film PE Shrink Film For Bottle PVC Heat Shrink Bags/thermo Shrink Film 

Hologram Projection Film

Front Projection Film

45 degree pepper ghost hologram projection film hologram projection film 3-8 meters wide holographic projection foil 4m,5m,8m wide 3D reflective film/3D holo 45degree reflection foil 3D holographic projection film 3-8 meters wide 5meters width Clear Holographic Foil/Holo Foil 8 meters wide musion eyeliner foil holographic screen film musion projection 8 meters transparent foil projection film Transparent Eyeliner foil projection film 5 meter wide 6 meters height transparent reflective film for projection Crystal clear Reflective film Projection film For AV 3D Holographic Projection Eyeliner Foil holographic rear projection film 3d holographic projection 3d holo foil for pepper's ghost hologram display transparent front projection film 6 meters real floating 3D hologram clear film 5 meters clear mylar film projection Large Size Holographic Reflection Film Virtual Projection 3D Holographic Reflection Film Pepper Ghost 

Rear Projection Film

clear hologram rear projection film dark grey hologram projection film for window display Holographic Effect Projection Screen Film Self adhesive front and rear projection film Holographic clear rear projection adhesive film Adhesive Rear Projection Screen Film pepper ghost foil hologram stage film Pepper's Ghost Projection Hologram Foil Gray Projection Screen Material Rear Projection Film for Glass Hologram Stage Projection Film 100mic Clear Rear Projection Film holographic display 3d pyramid 

Coated PET Film

Silicone Coated PET Film

silicone coated polyester film 23 micron one side PET releasing film for double tapes transparent PET releasing liner release film transparent PET release film for foam tape single layer silicone coated release PET Film Silicone coated polyester film&pet release liners 50u color PET releasing liner 100u light white PET release film clear silicon coated polyester film blue transparent release PET film 75 Mic PET Release Film For Thermal Transfer 75micron PET middle release Film Capacitor BOPET Release Liner 23 Micron Silicon Film 75mic Silicone Treated Polyester Release Film Silicone Coated PET Release Liner Film 

EVA Coated PET Film

PET thermal Lamentation film 75 micron EVA coated glossy PET film for card lamination glossy PET thermal film for photos encapsulation PET/EVA thermal lamination film PET EVA thermal Lamination Pouch Film roll film PET with EVA self adhesive EVA Coated PET Metallized Film 

PVDC Coated PET Film

PVDC coated PET film for higher barrier packing PVDC coated PET film KPET film 13 Micron High barrier coated polyester film one side PVDC one side acrylic BOPET film PET Film Coated With PVDC On Single Side 

UV Coated PET Film

UV coating polyester film 125 micron Anti UV transparent polyester film 100 micron UV resistant transparent PET mylar film Transparent PET anti UV film 100 Micron UV treated transparent polyester film 150 micron 36 micron mylar film uv resistance anti UV PET film for outdoor 

Silicon Dioxide Coated PET Film

silicon dioxide coated PET film Sio2 coated polyester film for flexible packing barrier film coated PET film high clear coated PET film polyester film transparent high barrier PET film Silicone Coated PET Release Film Silicone Coated PET Release liners both sides sillicon oil coated PET release liner Heat transfer PET release film for screen printing PET Release Coating Film for Heat Transfer Label Silicone Coated 75 Micron Clear Pet Release Film Mylar/Polyester/PET release liner for label transprent silicone coated pet release film for sticker Anti-static PET Silicone coated Release FIlm 

Acrylic Coated PET Film

one side acrylic coated polyester film acrylic coated PET film barrier film Acrylic coating transparent PET film BOPET Both Sides Acrylic Coated PET film with Acrylic coated film for packaging 

Color PET Film

PET White Film

125 micron glossy white pet film UV resistance white opaque polyester foil opaque white PET film for labels heat resistance 75mic white pet film PET mylar white film for FRID label pet white film for lcd screen light white opaque PET film translucent mylar film label industry white opaque Bopet film Opaque Milky White Pet Film Scrap For Insulation PET White Film For Solar Panel Encapsulation 250micron insulation white mylar PET film White PET Film For Solar Battery Back Sheet Milky White Motor Insulation Mylar PET 0.1mm heat stabilized opaque white polyester film white polyester medical films 50 micron opaque white polyester tape 50 micron white polyester film for cable wrapper opaque white mylar film 125mic 

PET Black Film

black opaque polyester film 0.1mm polyester film black color 0.188mmx 1000 75um electric insulation black mylar polyester film Black film insulation film 50Micron heat stablized black mylar PET film 75mic Black PET Film For Adhesive Tape Black PET Film For Adhesive Tape Black PET Film For Insulation, Electro-acoustical Equipment 50mic heat resistant black polyester film for insulation Black Carbon Fiber Water Transfer Printing Film Black Polyester Film Micron 


100u black white polyester film PET AB film 110 micron PET grey white film for inkjet printing advertisement Grey/white PET film 0.188mm Black White Film /Panda Film /Poly Film 

Transparent PET Color Film

transparent blue PET film for X Ray red PET film glass decoration film color PET mylar film for adhesive tape Transparent UV coating PET film 0.125mm BOPET electrical insulation film 23 micron transparent PET film for wire cable Soft PET Material 12 micron pet film glossy waterproof pet film transparent Mylar Rolls Clear/Polyester Film mylar thermal insulating film mylar plastic film 125 mic reflective mylar sheet 0.175mm Clear Polyester Sheet 0.25mm 0.125mm Clear Polyester Roll Electric Insulation PET Films 8-350 micron 12 micron plain PET film for baking sleeves stretch resistance transparent polyester/mylar film Clear Polyester PET Film For insulation 12 micron clear PET baking film polymer film 0.188mm mylar sheets heat resistant 

PET Milky White Film

miky white PET film 0.25mm milky white pet film for insulation 0.35 mm mylar white film Milky White Bopet Film For Moto Insulation 175micron PET Material White Mylar Insulation Film Translucent milk white PET film transformers,High Voltage,Motors PET Material PET film matte white pet film 125 micron milk white polyester film 125 micron milk white mylar film for stencils 188mic translucent mylar film For Cable Translucent Mylar film for large document copiers 250Micron Milky White Insulation Polyester Film 250 micron white polyester film for stencil 250mic white mylar film for stencil making 

Matte PET Film

matte white pet film 0.15mm matte color polyester film to publicitary adverticing 50micron matte PET flm for Label low gloss matte PET film 0.075mm matte finish polyester film 45 micron matte surface polyester film for roll up poster single matte mylar film Printable PET Matte Film for Label 100 Micron Matte PET Film 

Universal Metallized Film


12mic Metallized PET Film Metallized PET Film for lamination PE film Silver Metallized PET film For Packaging Metalized polyester PET film for reflective Metalized Polyester Film For UV Printing 23 micron metallized pet twist film for candy 25 micron Aluminized mylar sheets 12 mic Metallized PET film Electronic film Gold Metallized Mylar Film for paper lamination Gold Aluminized Mylar PET Film Aluminum Vacuum Cling PET Film For Packing Bags PET Twist Film For Candy And Beefjerky 19um Metallized Pet Twist Film of Candy wrapper PET Aluminium 6 Mil Foil PET Metallized Silver Thermal Lamination Film Glitter powder brightness high film Aluminum Foil Vacuum Packing Bags Metallized Food Roll Film PET sliver based laser film Aluminum coated metallized pet film for lamination 


Heat Sealable Metallized BOPP Film Heat Sealable Metallized BOPP film For Packaging Metallized BOPP film for capacitor Metallized BOPP Film 18microns With Heat Sealable Custom Printing Food Film Metallized Bopp Film 


25micron metallized CPP Film Pharmaceuticals Packing Film Metallized CPP Film/VMCPP One Side Heat Sealing Metallized CPP Film Aluminized Metallized CPP Rolls for Soft Packaging Aluminized Metallized CPP Film Rolls for Packaging 


28mic metalized PE film for lamination 65gsm-85gsm Metallized Polyethylene Film VMPE Film 28mic VMPE/Metallized PE Film For lamination High Vacuum Metallized Polyethylene Film For lamination 50mic Metallized PE Film VMPE For Lamination 

Color Metallized Film

Golden coated metallized PET film Gold Color PET Metalized Thermal Lamination Film Gold Metalized Film PET Thermal Lamination Film PET Gold Metallized Thermal Film for Printing Gold Metalized Pet Thermal Lamination Film Gold metallized polyester film for thermal lamination Gold Color Metalized PET Film 

Emergency Blanket

Emergency Foil Survival Blanket Emergency Rescue Thermal Space Blanket Thermal Foil Emergency Blanket Gold and silver Emergency Rescue Blanket CE SGS Approved Mylar Aluminum Emergency Blankets emergency blanket 210x160cm silver color 210x160cm silver color emergency blanket Heat Reflective sheet Emergency Blanket Sliver New Mylar Waterproof Emergency blanket Foil Emergency Blanket 210x130cm 160*210cm Disposable Foil Emergency Blanket all weather thermal survival blanket outdoor use silver survival blanket 210x160cm survival blanket emergency camping blanket solar surival blanket mylar survival blanket CE certificate thermal survival blanket space blanket silver mylar thermal rescue emergency blanket Medical Emergency survial blanket Wholesale gold mylar emergency blanket Survival Lightweight Emergency Blanket 

New Type Metallized Film

Brush Metallized Film

Wire Drawing Brushed Metallized film Brush Wire Drawing Film Metallized PET film Gold Metallized Wire Drawing PET Film Brushed Sliver Metalized Polyester Film Brushed Metal Wire Drawing Silver Polyester Film gold color metallized PET hairline film brushed metallized polyester roll Brushed Silver PET Film 23 micron stainless steel silver PET film Steel Finish Metallised PET film for electrical appliance PET Hairline Films for V.C.M Sheet decorative colorful metallized hair line polyester film Metallized Brushed Polyester Film silver&glod Brushed PET metallized plastic film PET Film For Refrigerator Brushed Stainless Steel Film 

Reflective Materials Film

silver reflective mylar film Silver Solar Reflective Film/ Aluminized Mylar Film Waterproof Self Adhesive Mylar Reflective Film for Solar High reflective Metallized Mylar Film Self Adhesive Mylar Reflective Film For Solar collector reflective mylar film 0.1mm silver color mirror surface PET mylar film reflective PET Mylar Rolls for decoration Mylar 2 mil Reflective Film Mylar reflective insulation film mirror reflective mylar sheets 0.35mm mylar reflective film 0.075mm mylar film with adhesive backing 0.15mm mylar reflective sheet Solar Oven Reflective Metalized Film Solar Mirror Metallized Polyester film 

Light Proof Material Film

Silver and white PET FILM 2 mil Silver Polyester with Matte White Silver and Black PET film With Low luminousness 50mic Metallized PET black film 25mic Silver Opaque Matte Black PET Film 

Building Insulation Materials

Bubble Wrap Aluminum Foil Heat Insulation Roof Aluminum Foil Bubble Wrap Aluminum Bubble Foil Heat Insulation Materials Reflective Foil Double Bubble Foil Insulation High Reflective Aluminum Bubble Wrap Foil aluminum foil with air bubble heat insulation 5mm bubble foil insulation film aluminum foil air bubble insulation for roof insulation 

Semi-Metallized Film

150A Metalized Polyester Film for Electronic LOW OD VMPET FOR ELECTRONIC PACKAGING Semi transparent Mylar Film Semi transparent VMPET film for shielding bag Anti-static Metallized PET Electronic Film 

High Barrier Metallized Film

Both Sides Metallized Film

Both Sides Metallized PET Film High Barrier Double-sided Metallized Polyester Film Both-side Metallic polyester film with high barrier Double Sided Reflective Aluminum Metalized PET FILM High barrier Film Both-sides Metallic Mylar Film 

Nano Coating Metallized Film

Nano Coating High Barrier Nylon BOPA Film 15 micron Metallized Nylon Bopa Film For balloons Nano Coating multi-layer metallic BOPA film Higher Barrier Metallized Nylon/PE Film 15mic BOPA Film with high barrier for lamination Helium Inflatable Mylar Balloon film high barrier nylon film high barrier silver airship balloon film nano coating helium barrier balloon foil helium balloon material metallized foil for balloon 

Chemical Treated Film

Chemical Treated metallized PET film 12mic Metallized Polyester Film with Chemical Treated High Vacuum Metallized PET Film (Chemical Treated) 8mic VMPET chemical treated film for packaging Metallized Chemical Treated PET film with 450A Chemically Treated PET Films for Metallizing Applications co extruded vacuum nylon film 

PI Film

25 mic polyimide film for electrical tapes golden insulation PI film polyimide film high temperature Gold polyimide film for tape High temperature resistant Polyimide Film for Circuit board 

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